Frostbite Music Festival
February 15-17, 2013

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Artist Submissions

Frostbite welcomes performer submissions from June 1 to September 30. We receive many applications from artists to perform at our festival and do our best to respond to each inquiry. While the majority of our national programming is not a result of unsolicited submissions, we appreciate the interest and experience of all applicants.

Now in its fourth decade, Frostbite strives to assemble some of the finest, most eclectic, hip and virtuosic musicians from across the country and teams them with a diverse selection of Yukon musicians to create a unique vortex of music, people and good will.

Artists outside of Yukon

Please send electronic press and audio materials to ad [at] with subject 'Frostbite performer application' 

Yukon artists

New and innovative projects welcomed. Please send recorded samples of your work or invite us to a live performance. Include a list of band personnel and instruments, as well as bio and photo where possible.

Send materials to ad [at] with subject 'Yukon Frostbite performer application'


Thank you for your submission to the festival.  We request that you do not contact us regarding booking, as we will follow up if there is a performance opportunity at the 2013 Frostbite Music Festival. Electronic media is our starting point for all artists, so please do not send hard copies of audio/press material unless requested by Frostbite.